Remember me by Sophie Kinsella Book review.

Imagine waking up one day three years into the future and with a perfect life! How will you feel? What would be your reaction?  How will you feel when you completely forget three years of your life? And you don’t remember anything no matter how hard you try..! Well that’s what happened to Lexi Smart, the protagonist of this book.

Lexi wakes up in a hospital, forgetting three whole years of her life. She finds out her life is perfect! Her crooked teeth are gone, she has the perfect figure and a drop dead gorgeous husband, she is the head of her department. All seems so perfect isn’t it? But somewhere, something is not quite right.

As Lexi struggles with her life, she finds out that all her best buddies have turned against her, a colleague is after her job and she has transformed into a Bitch boss. Not right, because Lexi wasn’t like this three years before..! Everybody hates her in her work place and a handsome hunk comes to her saying that she loves him and was going to end her marriage to be with him, which Lexi isn’t so sure about because she thinks she has a perfect husband.

As she struggles to put the missing pieces in her life together, she becomes the butt of her little sister’s jokes who is constantly making fun of her memory loss.She is in a strange situation, but try as she can, she just cant remember the missing three years..

Eventually she patches things with her best friends who help her in putting the pieces together. Her colleague decides to take advantage of her situation and is constantly putting her in tough situations, but she manages to put him off with the help of her best friends.

So what will happen next? Will Lexi remember her three forgotten years? Will she succeed in putting all the pieces of her life together? Will she go back to Jon or choose the life with her husband? Read the book to find out. 🙂

I promise this book is wonderful just like its plot. If you have loved Sophie Kinsella’s books you’ll love this one too. And for those who haven’t read Sophie Kinsella’s books, you can start with this one.

I love Sophie Kinsella as her books are fun and easy to read. I highly recommend this book for everyone. Its a tension free book and just like her other books its funny. Do give this one a read and let me know how you find the book.

Until next time, take care

-Padmaja (the bookish tales)

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