Mahashweta book review

Stigma and Prejudice are breaking her marriage. Will her life too go to pieces?

Author: Sudha Murty.

No. of pages: 154.

Publisher’s name: Penguin books India.

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

About the book:

“Mahashweta” is the powerful story of a beautiful girl named Anupama. Anupama is very talented and a good person at heart. She gets married to Dr. Anand just like a fairytale. After their marriage, Anand moves to England for further studies and upon his mother’s insistence, Anupama stays in Bangalore for two months because his mother wants to perform Lakshmi puja  But, after marriage Anupama learns she has leukoderma. 

She is agonized because of her condition. Her mother in law grabs this opportunity to remove Anupama out of the house as she is not pleased with the alliance in the first place because Anupama’s father is not well off. With her in-laws abandoning her, Anupama knew in her heart of hearts that her husband, a doctor will understand her condition. But alas, he turns out insensitive as well. She stays with her family in her village, with the stigma of a married girl still living with her parents. Everyone treats her skin condition as some sort of a disease and she is constantly overlooked. Depressed, Anupama is forced to attempt suicide. However, Anupama is not a weak person and she decides to rebuild her life against all odds. With the help of a friend Anupama comes to Mumbai where she learns to live life again and earns respect and success and stands tall on her feet and also finds a beautiful, sensitive friendship.


I love the language used in this novel. It’s simple to understand and everyone can read it easily. The writing has the reader engrossed in the book. 

My verdict:

I loved this book. I love how powerful the protagonist’s character is shown. She is shown a beautiful person inspite of the many challenges life has thrown at her. She never loses heart and welcomes every day with a smile on her face. I also love how a ‘never say die” attitude she has. Among Sudha Murty’s female protagonist’s, Anupama is my favorite. Do read this book guys. Its a really wonderful story. 

Rating: 4.5/5 


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