Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella review

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Well well well, don’t let the title confuse you. Read on to find more about the book.
Lottie and Fliss are sisters. Lottie has just broken up with her Mr Right. She is depressed. A call from her first love makes her realise that he is the one! They decide to get married and rekindle their romance on the Greek Island of Ikonos where they had met.
Fliss is enraged learning about all this and decides to stop their wedding night. Fliss uses all her connections and by hook or by crook, gets in between Lottie’s romance.
Will Fliss be successful in her plans? Will she be able to stop Lottie’s wedding night?

My Take:
Its a hilarious book, laced with humour. There is not a single page in the book that doesn’t manage to make you laugh.From Lottie’s craziness to Fliss’s craziness this book is a winner!

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