The 365 days by Nikhil Ramteke review

The 365 days is the debut novel of Nikhil Ramteke. I thank Sudeepta from Books Tea and more for sending me a copy, otherwise I would have lost out on a beautiful book.

The 365 days is the story of Shijukutty, a fisherman from the quiet coastal town of Vizhinjam in Kerala. Like many other Malayalis, he goes to the Gulf in prospect of a better future.

But, life is not as simple as it seems. He is taken aback at the surroundings, the adjustments he has to make, where he questions his own existence there.

A beautiful hard hitting story. The writing is uncomplicated. We actually feel the protagonist’s pain and the situations he went through.

We hear that there are many Malayalis in the Gulf, but never really got to read a story as realistic as this one. Guess All that glitters is not Gold.

With simple language and a brilliant story, Nikhil Ramteke proves his mark as an Author to look forward to!

Rating 5/5


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