Discovering India Readathon.

Hello people! The 71st Independence day is around the corner and its a weekend and I am sure you must have made some plans for it! 70 years of Independence and lets not forget the people who fought hard to achieve the freedom we are so happily enjoying! Lets take a moment to remember them!

So, the big news is, me and my reader buddies, Aritri and Ankita have planned something special for the Independence day weekend. We are going to read gems from Indian literature which is based on pre and post independence India. We were casually chatting the other day about the sad state of Indian literature and many gems are getting lost due to the advent of foreign authors and many people choose to ignore the many gems that our country has to offer. But, we love Indian literature and feel that it should get its due. So we planned a readathon! Yes, #DiscoveringIndiaReadathon is all about reading about India, the beautiful cities and the struggle after partition and before Partition.

Indian literature is very rich, considering the many cultures, states and traditions we have. There is something different and varied to read from each state! We thought it would be fun to dig up our bookshelves and explore the rich literature and what better occasion than the 71st Independence day!

And now coming to the BIG News, Harper Collins India is collaborating with us for the readathon. A big shout out to them for supporting us and encouraging us in our small endeavour. It would mean a lot to us if you join us in our readathon and read with us the many gems of our beautiful Indian literature.

This readathon is co-organised by me, Aritri Chatterjee, Ankita Daiya

So here is what the readathon is all about:

We have planned 4 challenges for the 4 day long weekend. The challenges are as follows

1. A book set in pre-independence era

2. A book written in any Indian language (you can read the translated version too)

3. A book on any Indian city

4. A book focused on the post independence era

We are mentioning some titles that will help you pick your reads as per the challenges.

A book set in pre independence era

Ice candy man by Bapsi Sidhwa The English teacher by R K Narayan



Women at war: Subhas Chandra Bose and the Rani of Jhansi regiment by Vera Hildebrand


A book written in any Indian language(translated or otherwise)

The liberation of Sita Chokher Bali by Rabindranath Tagore



A book on any Indian city

City of Djinns


A book focused on the Post independence era

The sea lies ahead by Intizar Husain The tree with a thousand apples by Sanchit Gupta

images (1)


Kashmir: The Vajpayee years Pathways to greatness



Lets all join in to revive Indian literature and celebrate Independence day in reader style..!!

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