Karma’s Ukulele by Lekshmi Gopinathan review.

“You are not broken, you are an expression of your pain, you are art”

I would like to thank the Author for providing me with a review copy, otherwise I would have lost out on a beautiful book.

The blurb seemed very interesting and different from what I usually read.

Rarely do we read books where the protagonist is shown as a real badass. Karma’s ukulele is a beautiful story of a vagabond, who travels with her ukulele and dagger.

The girl in the story is different. She is not your regular heroine. Spanning across different cities in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, we travel with her ukulele and join in her journey to heal her soul. The book swings back and forth in time, but it’s not at all difficult to catch up.

She is broken, she is badass. The reason for her brokenness is revealed later in the book and I respected the girl more after reading that.

I learnt more about life, how life breaks you and makes you again. We learn something new in each of her adventures, through the people she meets in her various escapades.

It was really amazing to read about her journey. Go travel with Karma’s ukulele and be a part of her journey.

All the best Lekshmi Gopinathan for your future writing journey! Looking forward to read more gems from you!!

My rating 5/5

Will I recommend this book? Of course yes.

Everyone should read it. A very brave story of an equally brave girl.

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