Remnants of a separation by Aanchal Malhotra review

‘Remnants of a separation’ is a beautiful book which tells us in detail about the Partition in material memory. The book is a collection of 19 stories, rather memories of people about their time in Undivided India and Partition.

A partition record which is presented in a very very different angle. I often used to wonder why our grandparents love some mundane objects so much! I never looked at the memory attached to it. Our generation probably is the last to know people who have witnessed the Partition from a very close angle and not just through history textbooks. Our grandparents belong to the generation who have seen Undivided India and the division of India. My grandma used to tell me, she was 7 years old when India gained independence, we were given a lot of sweets and fruits from our school, we never understood the real meaning of Independence or the horror of Partition. My mother’s mamaji used to tell us kids that they had to learn a song in school which was in the honour of King George V. That was my limited knowledge about Partition and through history textbooks.

Malhotra has brought to life the different objects and the memories attached to them in this book. The objects may not be special then, but after migrating to India, they became of utmost importance, they became a connecting link between their carefree childhood and a new life in India. How lucky were the people who were able to visit their homeland after partition, the record is truly beautiful!!

I often used to wonder about the people who migrated from that side of the border to here start a new life! From where did they bring hope? How would you feel if you know that you can’t visit the land of your birth, your hometown. Personally, I felt scared imagining that. Massive respect to all the people who migrated and started a new life afresh!

Through this book, I got to see a different India, the India which probably got lost in the pages of history, I got to visit India from their eyes, the writing and the description is so beautiful I used to imagine myself living in that era! I got to see my beloved country from the eyes of an Englishman as well, who sang a beautiful Hindi song in the book! People were living in harmony before the seeds of communal differences were sown! Oh how I dream of an Undivided India with everyone living in peace and harmony!

I love reading about history, and I absolutely loved reading this book. This book answered all my questions and which would remain with me forever. It was so delightful to read! Kudos Aanchal Malhotra! Richly researched and a very delightful book!


A big thanks to HarperCollins publishers India for providing me with a copy.

All the best Aanchal Malhotra for your future!

5 thoughts on “Remnants of a separation by Aanchal Malhotra review

  1. Ashwini says:

    Great review! I just finished Train to Pakistan and that just made me so sad. But it was a beautiful read. The first book that I read about the partition. After reading your review I so badly want to get this book. Hopefully real soon.


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