A word thrice uttered by Parveen Talha review

This beautiful book is a collection of 16 short stories. The stories were light but all of them packed a serious punch.

The stories are set in and around Lucknow. It was a very refreshing read since I hadn’t read much about Lucknow and it’s surrounding cities.

This book has everything! The stories cover a wide range of topics like the relationship between animals and humans shown beautifully in the stories Rustam and Sona and Tiger, women empowering stories and how women have to go through the double standard ordeal of the society in Virginity lost… So what? and Thanks for Ditching me, child trafficking in Trial and Punishment, beautiful and innocent love in A string of Bela flowers, deceit in Let me have a love affair. A young boy’s wish to complete his Daadi’s last wishes in Gangaji is not far Bappa. This story moved me to tears.

Grey shades of human nature have been explored well in the stories, A word thrice uttered and Gangaji is not far Bappa.

Each and every character in the story is beautifully sketched and Talha has excellently portrayed the feelings and nuances of human nature. All these delicate issues have handled with such expertise that the book makes us want for more.

This book brims with emotions. Talha’s unique and beautiful style of story telling takes the cake. Don’t miss out on this book!! Some stories will leave you smiling broadly and some will leave you in tears. It’s a bundle of emotions. The story, Real sacrifice is my absolute favorite.

Thanks to Niyogi books for sending me a copy.

Rating 5/5

4 thoughts on “A word thrice uttered by Parveen Talha review

  1. Al Athar says:

    Really looking forward to reading this book by my dear cousin.
    Judging from her last book Fida e Lucknow, it should be yet another remarkable piece of work.
    Dr. Aqueel Athar
    Chicago, IL

    Liked by 1 person

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