Mrs C remembers by Himanjali Sankar review

Mrs C remembers is a beautiful story where we see how the demented mind thinks.

The story is told by two individuals, Mrs Chatterjee and her daughter Sohini. This was the first book I read about a mother daughter relationship and it was indeed beautiful!

Mrs C is a conservative person. She is a dutiful wife, daughter, sister and a mother. She follows the norms the society has set for her and blindly believes in them. She finds it difficult to accept that some people also lead different lives, lives which are not similar to her or are a little unconventional. However, she lets her daughter lead the rebellious life because she feels that due to the patriarchal thinking of her husband’s family, she has been through a lot of injustice. She lets her swim against the tide and though they are poles apart, supports every decision of hers, even if they were against her morals. She gets diagnosed with dementia in her later years and we see the changes in her personality, which was so neat and organised.

Sohini, is my favorite character in the book. She has been through a lot in her life. A feminist and a wild child, she has her strong set of beliefs and she respects her mother, who was there with her in all stages of her life. Sohini, in her teens was a rebellious kid and made a lot of mistakes which led to people talking bad about her, which displeased her father. She tries to make amends by marrying a boy which her father chose but that experience was creepy, as the boy and his mother had some incestuous thing going on. Mrs C supports her and tells her to start afresh.

The way in which the story is told is flawless! A heart warming simple story told from a mother daughter perspective. It handled a rarely talked about or written about issue such as dementia and it was told very simply and elegantly.

Rating 4/5

A must must read. Different and a refreshing story.

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