The post office by Rabindranath Tagore review

The Post office’ is a very beautiful play by Tagore. The play is in two acts and shows how a child’s positive perspective can influence your thinking.

The play is about Amal, who is confined to his adopted Uncle’s house because of an incurable disease.

Amal looks out of the window everyday in curiosity and talks to the various people passing through the street in front of his house.

Amal is a very imaginative and a thinking child whose innocence and positivity is contagious. He wants to explore the world. While chatting with the people, he admires their work and they feel proud about what they do after talking to him.

The abrupt ending of the play is so symbolic, just like life. Amal makes us feel that we should take nothing for granted.

Tagore has portrayed the essence of innocence beautifully with words.

This play is magic! Very much deserving to be worth your time. Don’t miss out.

Rating 5/5

A big thanks to Niyogi books for sending me a copy.

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