Murder in Paharganj by Kulpreet Yadav review

The novel begins with Vicks Menon, an out of work journalist at the crime scene of a shady hotel in Paharganj. Vicks is present at the crime scene because the hotel receptionist is his friend.

The woman murdered is an Israeli national, Sherry Bing.

Vicks sets out to investigate the murder, because he desperately needs a job and wants to prove his mettle to his boss who fired him. He also wants to patch things with his estranged girlfriend, Tonya. He takes her help to profile the killer since she is a psychologist.

Vicks discovers a lead in the hotel and sets out to further investigate the murder since he is the first to arrive at the murder scene.

Further investigating the murder and on his trail is an intelligence agent and the Delhi Police.

Vicks’s leads takes him to Bangkok and then Sikkim, where the story unfolds.

But will Vicks, with no money, with only his instincts and intuition as his keys help him in solving the murder mystery?

Who is Sherry Bing? Why was she murdered? Why is the intelligence agent investigating her murder? Who really killed her?

This novel is full of thrills and twists and turns which leave us shocked. And the best part is that it’s not predictable. We wonder with every page turned what will happen next?

Read this newest release by Bloomsbury India to find out.

Rating 4/5

Thank you Bloomsbury India for the review copy.

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