Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas review

Tower of Dawn is the 7th book in the Throne of Glass series. To be honest, I haven’t read any of the previous books and had to read this book with an independent perspective. I had to research a lot about the books and the characters.

TOD is about Chaol Westfall, successing the book Empire of Storms. However, the events in this book take off from the 4th book, Queen of Shadows. The cover is extremely beautiful and has a lovely matte finish. It’s a thick book with 664 pages and it took me quite a while to read it.

The book is about Chaol and his journey to a distant empire of Antica. He is severely wounded after the destruction of The Glass castle. Nesryn Faliq, Captain of the Aderlan Royal Guard is also travelling with him. Together, they have come to seek alliance in the ongoing war against the demon armies of the continent of Erilia.

They’re also in Antica to heal Chaol, for the healers of Antica are renowned. Here Chaol meets Yrene Towers and he is under her care. Yrene has her own prejudices. She holds Chaol’s kingdom responsible for the death of her mother. Her prejudices affect the healing process and makes it complicated.

The complications are further worsened in the Kaghan’s court and a deep dark secret lurks in the family. Lots of secrets and answers await in this book which will decide their survival or which will destroy them.

Romance, serves as a tension source in the book. The book also contains a lot of mature content.

Since I read this book with a standalone perspective, I enjoyed it. The book intrigued me to some extent. The language was good and I understood the events upto a certain extent. It was a thick book of 664 pages and it took me quite some time to read it.

Fans of the series will enjoy this book. The next book is coming out in 2018.

Thank you Bloomsbury India for the review copy.

Rating 4/5

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