The Haunted library review

The haunted library is a collection of 12 Ghost stories from the early twentieth century. The stories are selected by Tanya Kirk who is Lead Curator of Printed Heritage Collections 1601-1900 at the British Library.

The title is intriguing. I had never imagined books to be haunted. It was a wonderful book full of thrills.

The stories are scary, and I deliberately read the book at night. Each story has a secret.

It was all about haunted books, the dim, murky libraries, dark psychics, an old Bible giving warnings, a mysterious book seller and occults. Occults really really scare me.

This book was the perfect read for October, The Hallowe’en month.

I won’t reveal much details, read the book to find out and experience the thrill.

The early twentieth century was the golden age of haunted stories and these stories promise a huge treat to you.

You’ll love reading this book on a cold night, snuggling in a blanket.

Rating 5/5

Thank you Niyogi books for the review copy .

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