The poison of love by K. R. Meera review

The poison of love is translated from the Malayalam by Ministhy S. Originally published in Malayalam as “Meera Sadhu”

“Love is like milk. With the passage of time, it sours, splits and becomes poison.”

It’s a beautifully haunting book about Tulsi, an IIT graduate who is swept off her feet by the charismatic Madhav, and they elope and marry.

Madhav’s idea of love is totally different. He sees it as an offering or alms which he gives to various women. He has had 27 girlfriends before he married Tulsi, the final one.

Love does strange things to people. Tulsi, an IIT graduate, is blinded by Madhav and she loses herself in the process. I really couldn’t help but feel pity for her.

I hated Madhav. A selfish prick who takes everything for granted and feels that everyone should have see and understand his perspective about love. His character is very well written. The symbolism of the ants is very well used. Each chapter begins with the ants swarming in, swarming out. You’ll understand the significance once you read the book.

I finished this book in a single sitting and it left me speechless and full of questions. I desperately wanted it to vent out all my feelings after reading. The characters are appropriately named. The title of the book is strange and it invokes a lot of questions. The book doesn’t disappoint.

The ending left a big welt on my bookish heart. Books like these make me feel proud of myself for being a reader.

K.R. Meera has become my auto-buy Author now. I will willingly read anything by her.

Thank God for translated books.

Rating 4/5

7 thoughts on “The poison of love by K. R. Meera review

  1. Meera says:

    Dear Bookish Tales, Thank you so much for the sweet words. I am really overwhelmed. But the the translator of The Poison Of Love is Ministhy S. Will you please correct it?


  2. Piush Antony says:

    Loved your review. Happy to know a book lover in this virtual space. I had the privilege of reading the book in both languages. I am also fortunate to know both Meera and Ministhy. Both are extra ordinary women in their fields.Best


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