Don’t run my love by Easterine Kire review.

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Speaking Tiger publishing pvt ltd

Pages: 121

My first book by a Naga author and I was mesmerized!

This is the story of Atuonuo and Visenuo, her mother. Two hardworking women who cultivate paddy on their field and lead a content and a self sufficient life. The book is set it Kija, an ancient village of the Angamis.

They meet a handsome young man, Kevi, who helps them to carry sacks of paddy in their village from their field. Kevi befriends the women and brings them meat everyday as an indication that he is interested to marry Atuonuo.

One day, he proposes marriage to Atuonuo, which she declines. He leaves her in the middle of a field and walks away. Atuonuo feels bad for her immature behavior and decides to apologize to him. She lies to her mother about going to the forest to collect herbs with her cousins. Instead, she visits Kevi and what she witnesses there that night in his hut is what Atuonuo would never have imagined in her dreams. Visenuo, worried about her daughter not returning home, goes out to find her and she meets an injured Atuonuo and they decide to go to the Village of seers to find a cure for their problem. Atuonuo meanwhile, becomes more and more scared of Kevi.

Will they be successful? Who really is Kevi behind that handsome face? What did Atuonuo witness that night?

My review:

Superb characterisation and engaging writing. Comprising just of 121 pages, this book packs a punch and it’ll take you by surprise faster than you imagined. Short and crisp, this is one book which will remain in your mind forever. The characters grow on you while you read. My first Kire and I loved her. Another amazing author to look forward to!

The beauty of reading regional Indian writing is that we get introduced to a lot of native words, tradition, flora and fauna and cuisines.

The beautiful paddy fields and the stellar description of the harvest festival made me want to attend one such festival.

Beautiful snippets of village life, how people are so self sufficient.

Highly highly recommended.

Rating 5/5

You can buy a copy of this book here.

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