Daughters of the sun by Ira Mukhoty review

Genre: Non fiction

Publishers: Aleph book company

No of pages: 276

A richly researched and a well written book, Daughter’s of the sun is a beautiful read.

This book is about the women of the Mughal dynasty, how they helped shape the empire. A brief and in depth research about a topic which we seldom know and is not taught in our history textbooks.

Such is the beauty of Mukhoty’s writing that I imagined myself living in that era and experiencing their grandeur and their days of hardship.

Mukhoty has answered all my questions about the Mughals. Who were they and where did they come from? How did they come to rule Hindustan for the next 200 years? I loved reading history from the point of view of women. It matters so much.

Finally something different which captures the essence of a era gone by. The only document ever written by a Mughal woman, Gulbadan Begum, about the empire and glimpses of the haraman. We learn about foster mothers, milk mothers, Queens who established legacies of their own.

I confess it was a little difficult to remember the names of all the women and the people they were related to, but it was worth the effort. We hear about Kings patronizing arts, writing their own memoirs, minting coins with their names and trading with foreigners, but the Mughal women did it too.

This book is a look at the zenana, and not stories of orgies or women captured as concubines. The Mughal women are witty, participating and lending their hand in every aspect of the courts.

A must must read for all! Don’t miss out on this one. Thank you Aleph book company for the review copy.

You can get a copy for yourself here.

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