Jugaad Yatra by Dean Nelson

Genre: Non Fiction

Pages: 175

Publisher: Aleph book company

We Indians are familiar with the concept of ‘Jugaad’ that we almost knowingly or unknowingly use it on a daily basis to make our life simple and it also helps to save money.

With this book, Nelson dives deep in the word and also explores the country by studying different individuals like Arunachalam Muruganantham, India’s ‘tampon man’, Kunvar Sachdev of Su-Kam inverters, MB Lal who invented Snowbreeze, a budget air conditioner and farmers like Amrutbhai Agrawat who has sixteen inventions to his name! People like Dhramveer Kamboj used his jugadu skills to make jugaad heaters, battery powered emergency lights to help repay the moneylenders but still the income was meager. He used his skills and street smartness to invent his own processing business! He also goes on to describe how Jugaad helped even the millionaires of India like Hindujas and the Ambanis!

In the prologue, he briefly describes what is jugaad and how it is ingrained in us Indians since time immemorial even referring to the mythological stories! He explained how jugaad benefited ISRO during the Mangalyaan mission.

Through nine chapters covering the various aspects of jugaad, neutrally explaining the concept.

This very attitude paved the way for some of India’s most celebrated achievements like Mangalyaan and the Nano car!

I was very very proud after reading each chapter, how we Indians manage with so little and make do with the resources we have! Jugaad is not just a word, but an emotion! Jugaad helped cement relations between India and her remaining countries.

Be it the millionaires or the common people, jugaad is ingrained in us! Nelson has written a beautifully engrossing book with stories of inspiring individuals who built everything from scratch and believed in their skills.

Most of the people who have made it big from scratch come from very modest and humble backgrounds.

This book also deals with the topic of how ‘urban jugaad’ is more of a crisis because of zero waste management and people making it worse.

I finished this book in a single sitting. If you’re someone like me who lives on Jugaad and would love to explore the art more, hop on to this wonderful Jugaad Yatra! A beautiful, inspiring and an enlightening read! Comprising of just 175 pages, this book packs a punch!


Thank you Aleph book company for the review copy.

All opinions are my own.

You can get a copy for yourself here.

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