Are we all lemmings and snowflakes? by Holly Bourne review


Holly Bourne has become one of my favourite authors now. She is known for her mental health and feminist talks. This was my first book by her and I absolutely loved it. Read on to hear my thoughts about it.

This book primarily speaks about teenagers and mental health and how kindness is contagious.

This is the story of Olive, a teenager who is suffering from a mental illness but refuses to be labelled by it. She is sent to a summer camp, ‘Camp Reset’, which is a camp for teenagers with mental health conditions. There she meets various people her age and observes their layers and complexities. She begins to wonder whether mental health is caused by the insensitive and unkind society. Her narrative is very engaging and I found her very hard to like at times. I like flawed characters.

The message of this book is very important and it has the potential to make an impact on someone’s life. It took me a little time to get into this book, but I am glad I stuck around. I wasn’t able to put it down and the ending was like an avalanche! Loved it. I loved how unequivocal it’s tone was. Mental health has been dealt with maturity here.

As someone who has seen mental health conditions very closely, this book hit too close to home. I highly recommend this one if you’re looking to read a book on mental health. I urge you all to read it.

A huge thanks to Usbourne YA for sending this book my way. Picture and opinions are my own.

You can get a copy of the book for yourself here ( and here (Book Depository).

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