The unlikely adventures of the Shergill sisters review

This book was an adventure in itself. I liked it, but didn’t love it. Read on to know why.
Rajni, Jezmeen and Shirina are three sisters who embark on a pilgrimage to India, because of their mother’s last wish, to reconnect and rediscover their roots. Their mother expresses this wish in form of a letter, which also mentions the places they should go and what they should do.
The book started off well, with each sister carrying her own baggage of secrets and secretly wishing the trip to end as they cannot stand each other. The portrayal of their relationships was written sharply. Each sister is dealing with her own problems in her own way and failing badly at it.
The journey to India set a very interesting mood and premise and I enjoyed reading about the “cultural shocks” the sisters experience and discovering some things which exist everywhere else but are stereotyped to India alone. The three sisters are as different as chalk is to cheese. During the first half, I really wished for them to be honest with each other, but as their relationships with each other were explored during the course of the book, I understood that it is going to take time.
The writing was beautiful no doubt, but very different from Erotic stories for Punjabi widows, a book which I loved through and through.
I found some recurring themes too in both books which are immigrant parents, British Indian kids and superstitions and the kids leading a double life. I also found this book to be more of a social commentary like Erotic stories..
I guess I expected a bit more adventure, but it was a good read, one which can be read once. I don’t think I’ll read this again. The ending was satisfying, but it really felt like the end of a Karan Johar movie


Thank you for the gifted copy, Harper Collins India. Picture and opinons are my own.

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