Vox by Christina Dalcher review

I’ve often wondered about that, how kids turn into monsters, how the they can learn killing is right and oppression is just, how in one single generation the world can change on its Axis into a place that is unrecognisable.

Dystopia is a genre out of my comfort zone. I get very disturbed while reading it. Just I was thinking of stepping out of my comfort zone, Harper Collins very kindly sent this book my way for review. Read on to hear my thoughts about it.

Set in Dystopian America, it’s about a future where women are limited to speak only 100 words a day, if spoken more, they’re given an electric shock by means of a bracelet that is shackled on their wrists.

Jean McLellan, our protagonist, is a cognitive linguist and a mother of four, and one of them is a girl. She is the country’s leading linguist and one day the President calls her only to come out of her forced retirement. What does the President want from Jean? How will she claims the women’s voices? That forms the rest of the story.

The premise of the book is really good. It has a strong start and the writing is flawless. I was satisfied with the ending as well, as it gave a perfect closure.

The events are gory where homosexuals are imprisoned till they accept the heterosexual way and sex (pre marital and extra marital) has heavy consequences on women. Women are barred from doing the simplest things like going to work, using any kind of birth control, to read and write even collecting the mail from their own mailboxes! Girls are only taught Maths in school and boys are taught to read and write. This book covered a very important aspect, the effect of everything gory on children.

I really loved reading it. If you’re okay with reading dystopia, do read this one. Or if you’re looking to start with dystopia, you can read this one.

Thank you Harper Collins India for the review copy. Picture and opinions are my own.

You can get a copy for yourself here.

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