Deceived by Heena Rathore P review.

How well do you know your loved ones??

Denial. The only thing that keeps most of us from losing our sanity.

Genre: Psychological thriller.

I don’t know how to begin talking about this book. This book was so fast paced and engrossing that it just got better and better while turning each page.

Set in three parts, the book starts with explaining the difference between a Sociopath and a Psychopath.

The prologue is a newspaper article which is dated 6th December 1978, which says that a 13 year old girl killed her adoptive parents and is missing since.

Part 1 starts with the story of Allison Stone, who is struggling to cope with the murder of her mother and 5 year old brother. She is a writer by profession and lives a secluded life. Her only source of comfort is her dog, Max, Samantha her best friend, Stephen Stone, her dad and Danny, her boyfriend. Steve Johnson, her cousin who is a journalist, gets transferred in her town, his main purpose is investigating the murders of his Aunt and cousin.

Part 2 begins with Allison moving in with her boyfriend Danny at his place and that’s where the unusual begins, some mysteries and dirty secrets from the past come up. I gotta admit Part 2 scared me a little.

Part 3 is where the excitement and anticipation for the mystery is unravelled. This part got me anxious as to how it will all end up together.

As the story moves on, we are anxious as to how the characters are related to each other. This book uncovers a lot of about human psychology. How revenge can make you commit heinous crimes and make you a crazy psychopath. I loved the subtleties described about psychology. Many times, some parts of the book creep you out, but it’s enough to keep you hooked.

I also love how the character of Elizabeth Lawson/Beth R Adams is shaped. One can’t help feel sorry for her fate and her character scared me.

The Author has done a wonderful job in exploring the psychology of the human mind. ‘Deceived’ shows us how disturbing the human mind is, when feelings of betrayal and revenge take over.

The climax of the book was scary. The killing parts were dark. Overall loved it!! The personality of the psychopath won me over!! It’s very rare that you get to read brilliant books like these. A winner for me! However, the end of the book left me confused, I hope there is a sequel to this book.

Don’t miss out on this book, releasing on June 24th 2017.

I thank the Author and Citrus Publisher’s for sending me an ARC for this book.

Rating 5/5


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