Harappa: Curse of the blood river review

I love reading about historical fiction. When I read the book’s blurb, I knew I was going to like the book, and I was not disappointed.

The Indus valley civilization was one of my favorites and I was glad to read Harappa.

Now coming to the book. The book follows the story of Vidyut Shastri, a young and successful entrepreneur. One day, suddenly, he is summoned to Kashi, by his dying great grandfather, Dwarka Shastri, who is the head of the Dev Rakshasa Matth. He bears a secret that would destroy all of mankind.

Vidyut belongs to the bloodline of Vivasvan Pujari, who is the ‘devta’, until an evil conspiracy threatens to destroy him and his family.

A trained assassin of the Maschera Bianca order is after Vidyut. Why? Who is Vidyut? And what is the secret of Vivasvan Pujari? How are Harappa, Paris and Varanasi linked?

It was a very interesting read. As it was the first book in the series, there wasn’t much information about the antagonist. The writing is beautiful and keeps the readers hooked till the end. I liked how the Author has kept the chapters short and the time leap from 1700 BCE to 2017 was not boring.

If you love historical fiction, then you will like this book.

Rating 4.5/5

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